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Adding Admins

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By Ngage.ai Support
March 15, 2022

Managing your dashboard efficiently requires delegating certain responsibilities to trustworthy individuals. One way to do this is by granting admin rights to chosen users. This article will guide you through the process of adding admins to your dashboard.


  • You should have the necessary permissions to add admins.

  • Access to the dashboard.

Steps to Add Dashboard Admins :

The dashboard admins will be able to have complete access to the event.

  1. Logging In:

    • Begin by accessing the dashboard login page.

    • Enter your username and password to log in. Ensure you have the necessary permissions.


  1. Once logged go to the Attendees Section


  1. Input the Event admin's Name and Email, and choose the appropriate admin type, provided the user has an existing account at https://app.webmobi.com. If they haven't created an account yet, complete the attendee registration via the webMOBI dashboard (https://app.webmobi.com) first. Once registered, they can then set up an account to be enrolled as a dashboard admin for the event, as outlined below.


  1. Once registered, the user can be added as a dashboard admin for the event and will have full access to the content for the event


Steps to Add User Admins :

  1. To designate a user as a mobile admin, first sign them up as an attendee. Afterward, you can upgrade their role to an admin following the steps provided below.

  2. To register as an attendee follow the steps below -



  1. After registering the user as an attendee, elevate their status to a mobile admin for the event. This will grant them mobile admin privileges, but they won't have access to the dashboard.


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