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Adding Agenda through XLS(Excel) Sheet

By Meg
February 24, 2022
  1. You can bulk upload your Agenda through the “Upload XLS” button on the Agenda Menu. This will enable you to upload the agenda through a template that will be in the format given below. Copy-of-Green-Gridded-Geography-Quiz-Presentation.jpg

  2. You can either upload an excel sheet strictly as per the above headings or download the Template through the “Download Template” Option in the Upload XLS Menu. This step is really important as the XLS doc that you upload must be formatted according to the template


  1. Please Consider these IMPORTANT points while updating the Agenda Information in the XLS Spreadsheet

  1. The ID column should be in increasing order (1 2 3 ..)

  2. The topic can be alphanumeric.

  3. The category can be user-defined.

  4. The date should be in the format (yyyy-mm-dd)

  5. The start time and End time should be in the format (hh: mm), i.e., 08:30 am or 12:00 pm.

  6. The excel should not have formulas set - Clear the formulas by going to Format ->Number -> Plain Text

Note: Start time and End time; both are compulsory.

  1. Location can be user-defined

  2. Speakers: Here speaker ID should be mentioned in that particular column. For more than one speaker user can specify speaker Ids separated by the comma (like 2, 3).

Note: Mentioning the speaker's name will not be accepted.

  1. Speaker IDs should be taken from the previously uploaded speaker template.

  2. The takeaway can be user-defined.

Note: Please do not edit column headers

  1. In the Upload XLS Menu you will see two options:-

  • Upload Files

  • Upload XLS

Screenshot-(235).pngpload Files

Here, you can upload PDF format files for the specific Agenda. To upload the document(s), you need to first create a zip file of the document by inserting all of them in a folder and then zipping the folder. Choose the zip file and upload it through the orange “Upload” button.

        Upload XLS

Here, you can upload the bulk Agenda Excel file in .xls format by clicking the  Choose File button. Select the excel from the local directory and then click on the Upload button.

  1. You will then see a successful pop-up message saying “Agenda details saved successfully”.

  2. This is how the agendas will be seen in the mobile app.


  1. In the “Export to Excel” option, you can download all the agendas in an excel format file, similar to the one uploaded in the Upload XLS fileCopy-of-Green-Gridded-Geography-Quiz-Presentation.jpg

  1. In the “Delete Selected” option, you can delete the selected session. To select a session you need to select the leftmost checkbox. Once selected, you can delete the session by clicking on “Delete Selected”. Upon deletion, you would receive a confirmation pop-up. Click OK and your selected session would be deleted.


Treating Date and Time as Text in Spreadsheet Software and Using ChatGPT to Upload Unstructured Data

Objective: Ensure that date and time values are treated as text in spreadsheet software (e.g., Google Sheets, Excel) to prevent automatic formatting or conversions.

1. Introduction:

When entering date and time values into spreadsheet software, the software often recognizes and auto-formats these values. This can sometimes lead to unwanted changes. To prevent this, we can force the software to treat these values as text.

2. Data Formatting:

- The initial dataset may have details such as topics, dates, start times, end times, and locations.

- These details might be surrounded by double quotes or other delimiters.

3. The Single Quote Trick:

- Prepending a single quote (`'`) before a value in spreadsheet software forces the software to treat the entry as text.

- This is especially useful for date and time values to prevent automatic formatting.

4. Steps for Data Transformation:

a. Remove Unwanted Quotes:

- If your data is surrounded by double quotes or other unwanted characters, remove them.

b. Prepend Single Quote:

- Add a single quote before date and time values.

- Example transformation: "2023-10-11" becomes '2023-10-11.

c. Final Format:

- Ensure each entry follows the desired format.

- Example: Topic|Date(yyyy-mm-dd)*|StartTime(hh:mm)*|EndTime(hh:mm)*|Location

5. Pasting into Spreadsheet Software:

- Once the data is transformed, you can paste it into your spreadsheet software.

- The software will treat the date and time values with a prepended single quote as text, ensuring no automatic conversions or formatting.

6. Conclusion:

By following the above steps, users can ensure that their date and time values remain consistent and unaltered when working within spreadsheet software. This method provides a simple solution to a common data formatting challenge.

Example format - ChatGPT can create a format like this from unformatted data like PDF that can be uploaded to the Excel sheet

Actually, to ensure that Google Sheets (or Excel) treats the time as text and not as a time value, we can prepend a single quote (') before the time. This will force the spreadsheet software to treat the entry as text.


Registration and Breakfast*|'2023-10-11|'08:20AM|'09:10AM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Non-Profit Masterclass: Fundraising Masterclass: Computation and Communication of True Costs (PWIT) - Mr. Shashank Rastogi, Principal, The Bridgespan Group - Mr. Ravi Bagaria, Co Founder, Aria CFO Services LLP|'2023-10-11|'09:10AM|'10:00AM|Co-meeting 1 (Level 0)

Non-Profit Masterclass: Agile Transformation for Non-Profits: Navigating Change with Innovation - The Service Excellence Team at EY Global Delivery Services|'2023-10-11|'09:10AM|'10:00AM|Co-meeting 2 (Level 0)

Inaugural Session-India CSR Summit 2023 & ESG Forum Release of India CSR Outlook Report 2023 & 10 Years CSR Compliance in India - Shri Ashwini Kr Choubeyji, Hon. Union Minister of State Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India|'2023-10-11|'10:15AM|'12:15PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Business Leaders’ Forum 2023: Leadership Perspective on Driving Profit with Purpose, and For Planet - Moderator: Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Professor of Finance, Indian School of Business (ISB) - Mr. Gopal Chhetri, Senior Vice President and Business Unit Leader, APAC Multi-Industry and Government BU, CGI - Ms. Anisha Ramakrishnan, Director, Transworld Group and Chief Executive Officer, Wami Capital|'2023-10-11|'12:30PM|'01:30PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Networking Lunch. (1.40 to 2.30pm) Lunch Round-table session of CXOs (by Invite only)*|'2023-10-11|'01:40PM|'02:30PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Special Session: Technology as an Enabler for Better Social Impacts Delivery and Collaborative Canvas - Moderator: Mr. Anurag Saxena, Vice President and Leader, Asia, Accion - Mr. Anirban Mukerji, Head, Qualcomm for Good India and S.E. Asia, Qualcomm - Dr. Sapna Poti, Director - Strategic Alliances, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India|'2023-10-11|'06:00PM|'06:45PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

ESG Forum 2023 (Opening Session): ESG as the Business Narrative for the Better Community (People) and the Better Planet - Moderator: Mr. Deepak Kumar Arora, President - Public Affairs, Nayara Energy Limited - Mr. Balakumar Thangavelu India Head - Outreach, Employee Volunteering (CSR)|'2023-10-11|'06:00PM|'06:45PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Workshop on: Understanding CSR Compliance and the Way Forward - Mr. Nikhil Pant, CEO, REACHA and Founder, Lakshyaa - Mr. Bhomik Shah, Founder and CEO, CSRBOX|'2023-10-11|'07:00PM|'08:10PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

ESG Spotlights Talks on Solutions for the Better Air, Water and Land|'2023-10-11|'07:00PM|'08:10PM|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

Networking Dinner*|'2023-10-11|'08:15PM|'onwards|Peacock Ballroom (Level 1) II + III

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