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How to Check and Adjust App-Specific Permissions on Android Devices for Document Access Issues

By Ngage.ai Support
November 18, 2023

Introduction: When facing issues with accessing documents or specific features in an Android app, checking and adjusting app-specific permissions is a crucial step. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to navigate through your Android device's settings to verify and modify permissions for an app. The process may vary slightly based on your device's manufacturer and Android version.

Step-by-Step Guide for Android:

  1. Open Settings:

    • Access your device's main settings menu.

    • This can typically be done by swiping down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel and tapping the gear icon.

    • Alternatively, find the 'Settings' app in your app drawer.

  2. Navigate to Apps & Notifications:

    • Look for a section titled 'Apps', 'Applications', or 'Apps & Notifications'.

    • Tap to open this section.

  3. Locate Your App:

    • In the 'Apps' or 'Apps & Notifications' section, you will see a list of all installed apps.

    • Scroll through to find the app you are troubleshooting. There might also be a search option to type in the app’s name.

  4. Access App Information:

    • Tap on the app's name to open its 'App Info' page.

    • This page contains various settings and information specific to the app.

  5. Check Permissions:

    • Look for a 'Permissions' option within the 'App Info' page.

    • Tap it to view which permissions the app has requested and their current status (granted or denied).

  6. Modify Permissions:

    • If a necessary permission is denied, toggle it to grant permission.

    • Remember, enabling certain permissions can impact your privacy and data security. Only enable those you trust and are essential for the app’s functionality.

  7. Review Additional Settings:

    • While in the 'App Info' section, you can also check other settings that might affect the app's performance.

    • This includes battery optimization, data usage, and any default settings or restrictions.

User Action and Troubleshooting:

  • After adjusting permissions, it is advisable to restart the app to ensure the changes take effect.

  • If issues persist post-adjustment, please report this issue to a customer support representative or raise a support ticket on the website (webmobi.com)

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