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By Meg
February 24, 2022

Controlling Activity feed from Admin Panel:

  1. Open your event app and click on the right panel.

  2. Choose the admin panel and click on the activity feed.

  3. You’ll be displayed with the feeds by the attendees, where you can report a particular feed to hide or block the user to block further feed by that user.


Controlling Activity Feed from feed page:

  1. Click on the left panel from your mobile app.

  2. Choose feed options to go to activity feeds.

  3. Click on the options from the feed which you want to hide.

  4. Click on the report to hide the feed.



  • Only admins can perform this action.

  • Once the safe detector detects the content is not safe, the feed will be blocked and added to the reported feeds. The dashboard admin will get notified about the reported post on his mail.

  • Only the user admin can restore the reported feeds to the timeline.

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