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Right Panel

By Meg
February 24, 2022

Right Panel

This section contains attendee specific modules like:

Admin Panel

My Schedule

My Companies

My Notes

My Chats



My Badge

My Contacts

My Settings


Admin Panel: T

This feature is available only for admin. The admin can check in the attendees by scanning the QR code. The event organizer can also do on-the-spot registration from the check-in feature. With the notification, the admin can send push notifications to all the registered users. In the Reports section, exhibitors will get the list of leads generated (Lead generation feature is available for Exhibitors).

My Schedule:

The users can add any session from the Event Agenda they like to their personalized schedule. It will remind them if they try to have more than one engagement at the same time. The sessions in ‘My Schedule’ will be exported and will show up on the local calendar of the device.

My Meetings:

The attendees can find a mutually available time and set up a meeting. All the accepted Meetings will be shown in this list.

My Chats:

The attendees can connect and chat with each other with our Attendee’s Messaging Feature. This list shows all your chats.


The admin can send reminders, updates, and survey links to all attendees or specific groups right from the mobile, as well as from the dashboard which will be shown in this feature.


All the meeting requests will be shown in the inbox. The attendee can accept the meeting or decline the meeting depending on his priority.

My Contacts:

Here you can perform the Attendee information exchange between two attendees by scanning their respective QR Codes and chat as well.

My Notes:

An attendee can take notes in any session. Click on ‘Agenda’ and select a particular session then on Add notes to take notes for that session. All the notes will be displayed in the My Notes section

My Badge:

This feature can be used by the admin for attendees’ check-in and by the exhibitors for collecting leads.

My Companies:

The companies which you marked as a favorite from both the exhibitors and sponsors will be displayed here.

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