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Various Components on webMOBI Dashboard

By Meg
February 24, 2022


If you have any help or want to get in touch with our team, click on ‘Help Centre’ or get a complete user guide and get started with the webMOBI event management platform. In 'Technical FAQ ' You will find some videos to help you with the FAQ.


Click on the chat box below the right side to contact the webMOBI support team for a quick resolution to your queries.

Screenshot-(242).pngCreate a New App:

Click on the new event button to create new events.


Account settings

Users can update their ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ options. But they can only view their ‘User Name’ and ‘Email’.


Users can check event payment details like Plan, Price, Billing Info, Status, and also have the option to upgrade the plan for each of their events.

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