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Two Factor Authentication

By Meg
February 24, 2022

With Two Factor Authentication, users can add an extra layer of security to their apps. Just follow the steps mentioned after clicking Setup and Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Users can scan the visible QR code, using an app like Google authentication scanner.

Once they scan the QR code, six-digit verification will be generated. This verification code changes every 30 seconds.

Once TFA is enabled, whenever the user wants to log in to the dashboard, it will ask for a verification code which you will get in the authentication scanner application, after entering the credentials.

Users can also generate the backup code through which they can log in.

Event Name:

  • Displays your event name, click on this option to access and manage the event.

  • Select an Action

  • Click on this option to Edit or Delete App

    Event Name

    On clicking the event name, you will be redirected to the Admin panel, from where you can send push notifications, manage your attendee list, discern reports, and in Admin settings you can add other Event admins and Set Event access.

    Clicking on “Select an Action” and then on the ‘Edit Event’ option on a particular event, from the events list, will take you to that event home screen where you can edit and manage your entire event.


Once inside the Admin panel, click on ‘Content Management System’ and then on ‘Settings’ to change Banner image, App icon, Title, and some other details also we can make the event private or public just by enabling the Private/Public button. Similarly, you can enable/disable the ‘Force Update’ option to reflect any changes in the dashboard directly in the event app without refreshing it.

Add a new feature to your Menu:

Click on the ‘Add features to your app’ button to add any new features to your app.

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