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What is webMOBI?

By Meg
February 24, 2022

webMOBI is a new generation AI-powered all-in-one event management software that provides a suite of engagement tools for enterprises.  webMOBI delivers a suite of event management software tools that includes event apps, website, registration, live polls, survey, lead generation services, & attendee engagement. Our cutting-edge software is trusted by 100 brands worldwide for corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, internal/external meetings, & more.


  1. The branded streaming portal enables live streaming of virtual events and support for hybrid events

  2. Mobile event apps give sponsors, a smarter way to promote their brand

  3. Attendee networking

  4. Instant Chat enables hassle-free communication.

  5. Business Card Scanning & Exchanging creates more business opportunities

  6. Meeting Scheduler avoids back-and-forth messaging or emailing

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