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Add Tickets

By Meg
February 24, 2022

Add Tickets

  •  Open the Event in the Dashboard.

  • Open the CMS module and click on the Registration Section.

[ Note: Registration page once the user Enabled the registration.

  • On the Registration page, click on  “Add Ticket.

  • Users can add two types of tickets:

  • Free Ticket

  • Paid Ticket

Free Tickets

1. Enter some basic details like Ticket name, Quantity, Type, etc, and click on the ADD option.

2. Admin will be able to see all the ticket details. Here there are three types of availability:

        Available - Tickets are available

        Halt - Tickets are blocked now

        Hidden - Ticketing will not be shown.

3. In Action, click on the settings icon to edit or delete the Ticket.

In a Free ticket, the user need not pay. Here on the event website, the attendees can select the event and number of tickets and continue the registration.

Paid tickets

  1. Switch the button from Free to Paid ticket on the Registration page after tapping on Add Ticket option

  2. Enter some basic details like

  • Ticket Name

  • Quantity

  • Type

  • Price

  • Currency Type

  • Payment to webMOBI and Gateway fee:

Here Organizer can choose how he wants to pay the webMOBI and Gateway fee

1. If the Organizer enables the “Me” button, then the Organizer needs to pay for each ticket bought by the attendee i.e. (8%) to webMOBI and (2.99%) as the Gateway fee.

2. If the Organizer enables the “Buyer” button then the amount to be paid for webMOBI and Gateway will be added to each ticket bought by the attendee i.e. (8%) to webMOBI and (2.99%) as the Gateway fee. Here the Organizer needs not to pay, but it will be added to the original ticket amount.

Sales start date and end date

  1. The Admin can specify a particular start and end dates to start and end his sales

  2. Before the sales start date, the attendee cannot register or buy the Ticket.

  • Ticket description

  • Message for attendees

  1. Clicking on “ADD” users will be able to see all the ticket details.

Here there are different modifications to do on tickets as:

  • Available - Tickets are available.

  • Halt - Tickets are blocked now.

  • Hidden - Ticketing will not be shown.

  1. Click on Save and Continue, and the ticket information will get reflected on the website.

Now the user can add the question to get the attendee data on the website registration page. So, users can move to the ‘Registration and Preferences’ page to add the questions needed to show up on the Registration page.

Registration and Preferences Questions

Here user can add some questions for the registering people, and can select the type of question from different options as below:

  • Single choice with feedback

  • Single choice without feedback

  • Multiple choices with feedback

  • Multiple choices without feedback

  • Customer response

Select the “Registration with Custom Workflows” module

Add Heading:

  • To add Heading, click on the “Add” button to open a Header pop-up.

  • In the header pop-up, enter the header name and choose the user type.

  • Now click on the heading and enter the question, select user type, and question type.

User type:

  • Default – This question will appear in all user-type questions.

  • Attendee/ Exhibitor/ Media – These questions will appear only on the selection of that particular login type.

Question type:

  • Single choice with feedback

  • Multiple choices with feedback

  • Single choice with no feedback

  • Multiple choices with no feedback

  • Custom response

  • The user also has the option to mark it as a mandatory question by checking the “Required” checkbox.

  • Click on the “Submit” button to add the question.


  • Once the question is submitted, it cannot be edited.

  • To add a question, at least a heading is necessary.

  • Click on the Submit button and Publish it to see it live on mobile event apps.

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