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View Agenda through webMOBI streaming Site

By Meg
February 24, 2022

This article describes the process to view the webMOBI agenda session information through the webMOBI App.

  1. Opening the Link

In the URL tab type “stream.webmobi.com/”The code entered in Engagement App URL Extension while creating the app*” “ For example:- If the entered code is “schooliscool” you’ll type “stream.webmobi.com/schooliscool.

  1. Click on the Agenda Tab from the Menu

        Once you are on the Event site Click on the Agenda tab on the Left-Hand Menu.

  1. Viewing the Agenda

In the Agenda Menu, you would be able to view the Agenda. You would be able to see the name of the event with the respected Time and Speaker.

  1. Calendar

         You can view the Agenda for different days of your event through the Calendar Icon on    

        The top left Calendar Icon on your Agenda Menu.

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