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Uploading Exhibitors Manually

By Meg
February 24, 2022
  1. For adding exhibitors manually, click on the “New Exhibitors” button, which will open an exhibitors form where you can enter the exhibitor details.


  1. You would have to enter the following information in the form:-

  • Company Name

  • Website

  • Email Address

  • Number of Users

  • Facebook details

  • LinkedIn details

  • Twitter details

  • Embedded Video Link

  • Selected Venue

  • Category(New category can also be created)

  • Document

  • Image

  • Banner

  1. Click on the “Save” button and publish it and the exhibitor would be visible on the mobile app as well as the streaming site

    How to upload the YouTube video that you want to show in your presentation

    1. You would need to put in the embedded link in the “Video Link” section. For this, open the video and click on the “Share” button.

    1. Click on “Embed” to open the embedded link.

    1. Copy the embedded link and paste it into the Exhibitor Form.

    Hence the video will get embedded in the form.

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