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Connecting Agenda with Speakers

How to Link Speakers with Agenda Items in Event Content

By Ngage.ai Support
November 15, 2023


This guide will walk you through the process of linking speakers to specific agenda items within the Event Content section of your event management platform. Following these steps will ensure your event agenda is accurately populated with the appropriate speaker information.


1. Accessing Agenda Settings:

- Navigate to the 'Event Content' tab on your dashboard.

- Select the 'Agenda' sub-tab where you will find a comprehensive list of agenda items.

2. Linking Speakers to Agenda Items:

- There are two methods to associate speakers with agenda items:

Method 1: Through Agenda Details

- Click on an individual agenda item to access its details.

- Locate the 'Speakers' section, which will display a list of speaker names or provide an option to add speakers.

- Click on the dropdown menu to reveal the list of available speakers.

- Select your desired speaker by clicking on their name. Upon selection, the speaker's name will be highlighted in light purple, indicating that they have been added to the agenda item.

- Ensure to click 'Save' to apply the changes.


Method 2: From the Main Agenda List

- On the main agenda overview, find the agenda item you wish to edit and click the speaker dropdown arrow beside it.

- From the dropdown, tap on the speaker's name you wish to link to the agenda item.

- Wait for the selection to turn light purple, which confirms that the speaker has been linked.

- Click 'Save' and then 'Publish' to update the event details.



By following the outlined steps, you can efficiently link speakers to your event's agenda items, providing clear and organized information for attendees. Remember to save and publish your changes to make them visible to your audience.

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