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Setting up Event Registration - Admin View

By sam
October 25, 2022

Login to the admin dashboard using the login credentials -


Click on the event setup -

Screenshot-(396).pngEdit the Event Details, Ticket and registration information, and design the event landing page.

Open the event website using copying the website from the right side and pasting it into a browser.


Screenshot-(397).pngCreate promo codes to give discounts to the registrants


View the number of attendees registered for the event in the "View Form data"


View the number of attendees who have paid for the event in the "View Payment info"

Screenshot-(402).pngUpdating the payment information for OFFLINE Registrations.

Upload the registration information using the xlsx document.



Update the registration status for the Offline registered users as "Approved" from the "Registered" state after adding them as attendees and upon receiving of the payment.

Screenshot-(418).pngOnce the users are updated as "Approved" the payment information of attendees is entered manually and their payment status will be shown as "Completed."


The information is captured for all the Offline registration users and all payment info can be seen in "Ticket -> View Payment Info" It shows all users' details including offline as well as online registrations.


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