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Setting Up Event Registration and Campaign Configuration with Templates

By Ngage.ai Support
February 12, 2024

1. Creating a Registration Ticket:

  • The initial step involves creating a ticket for the event. This is crucial as it determines the availability and access for potential attendees.

  • How to Create a Ticket:

    • Navigate to the ticket creation section of your event management platform.

    • Click on the option to create a new ticket.

    • Fill in the necessary details such as ticket name, availability period (start and end date), and the number of tickets available.

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2. Customizing Registration:

  • Enhancing the registration process with custom questions can provide valuable insights and create a tailored experience for attendees.

  • Adding Custom Questions:

    • Look for the option to add a custom questionnaire or fields in the ticket creation or event setup section.

    • Add questions that are relevant to your event, such as dietary preferences, T-shirt sizes, or specific interests related to the event topics.

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3. Creating a Custom Landing Page:

  • A dedicated landing page for registration can significantly improve the attendee experience and increase conversion rates.

  • Designing the Landing Page:

    • Use the event management platform’s tools to create a landing page.

    • Ensure the landing page is visually appealing and aligns with the event's theme.

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Configuring and Sending the Email Campaign

1. Enabling Outbound Emails:

  • To communicate with your attendees effectively, first ensure that the email campaign feature is enabled in your event management platform.

  • Steps to Enable:

    • Go to the 'Attendee' tab or section in your platform.

    • Look for 'Outbound Emails' or a similar section and enable it to set up your email campaigns.

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2. Selecting and Customizing the Email Template:

  • Choosing the right template messaging is crucial for conveying the message effectively.

  • Template Selection and Customization:

    • Within the 'Attendees' section, navigate to the 'Templates' area.

    • Use the dropdown menu in the main area to browse through available templates.

    • Select the "You have been registered for ${appName} Event" template. This template is for responding to successful registrations.

    • Customize the template with your event details, branding, and any specific instructions or messages you want to convey to the registrants.

    • Save your changes to finalize the template.

      Screenshot-2024-02-12-at-6.27.46 AM.png

      Screenshot-2024-02-12-at-6.28.03 AM.png

Final Steps and Testing

  • Before sending out the campaign to all registrants, it’s important to conduct tests to ensure everything works as expected.

  • Send a test email to yourself or a small group within your organization to review the email’s appearance, links, and overall flow once a user registers.

  • Make any necessary adjustments based on the feedback and test results.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up the registration for your event and configure an email campaign that not only informs but also engages your potential attendees.

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