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System Requirements needed

By Meg
February 24, 2022

webMOBI is a cloud-based platform that runs on most web browsers. All you need is a compatible browser and an internet connection. webMOBI dashboard works best with Chrome.

Let us look into a few concepts of backend and front-end to help you get a complete overview of the entire webMOBI event management platform as well as the creation of the website, event app, registration, and ticketing.


This is the section of the platform accessed by the Admin, the registered user of webMOBI. The admin is authorized to create the event app or website, add attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors of the event. The dashboard can be accessed only by the dashboard registered users (Event organizers) and participants cannot access it unless they are added and are given admin privileges by the Admin. webMOBI offers support for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Streaming Portal:

webMOBI has a streaming portal that enables live streaming events with the ability to have concurrent sessions in a branded portal

The streaming site is available in the format

https://stream.webmobi.com/<Event App URL Extension>

Website and mobile app:

All participants can access the application and the website. This does not require any authentication; the user needs to log in or register to the event app or website to access it. The website is available in the format

https://website.webmobi.com/<Event App URL Extension>

Compatible browsers for website and streaming portal:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 9 and above)

    Compatible devices for the mobile app:

  • iOS

  • Android

    The dashboard features cannot be optimized on mobile devices but can be optimized on the Desktop and Laptop. The website and app are compatible with mobile and can be accessed from there.

    Compatible browsers for the Dashboard:

  • Google Chrome

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